Costa Constantinides

Improving Astoria’s Health Care

Expanding Mount Sinai Hospital

Expanding and improving health care for Astoria will be Costa’s number one health priority. Currently Astoria is under-served in both urgent and long-term care facilities—often forcing residents to travel further than they should have to. This dangerous in emergency situations. A major step to improving Astoria’s health care is the expansion of Mount Sinai facilities. An expanded Mount Sinai will help the hospital meet the growing demand and allow it to upgrade service and care. As your representative on the city council, Costa will work to expand Mount Sinai.

Improving Health Care Access

Access to good medical care should be a basic human right. Having a personal doctor, or local health clinic, is a critical component of good health care access. An expanded Mount Sinai is one part of that solution—another piece of the puzzle is small community health clinics. These health clinics are able to help people with their non-emergency health issues; colds, flu and peoples other everyday health problems. More health clinics will ease waits for everyone and ensure you don’t have to go as far away when you’re sick.

As your city councilman, I will work tirelessly to improve access to good medical care with new health clinics for Astoria.